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The Rook


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The Rook is a breed apart, blessed with immaculately sculpted leather and subtle Aviar details. Distinctive yet understated. This will be the first release from Aviar saddles and will feature several innovative features which have never been seen before in the equestrian industry.

Innovative Features

  • Anatomically Designed Tree
  • The Pressure Relief System (PRS)
  • The Click System (Interchangeable Panels)
  • Super-lightweight Body

Luxury is in the details

No part stone has been unturned, all down to the hidden feather. The symbol carries a rich and diverse array of connotations. The feather symbolises strength, passion, speed and flight. Adapted in countless ways to decorate and identify an Aviar Saddle, the feather elegantly affirms the brand's unique identity, like a universally recognisable signature.

Personalisation Options

Aviar Saddles are fashioned from the finest quality hides, sourced from some of the best tanneries in Europe. The materials we use are at the forefront of our design process from start to finish. Our handmade approach gives our Saddles an artisanal finesse, that will stand the test of time. 

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