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The Moulin Blend Horse Supplement



Whether you're into horse riding, horse deals or you simply love the horse in your life – The Moulin Blend is the ideal way to make your horse healthier.

This carefully formulated horse feed supplement is made from Australian hemp seeds, containing high dietary fibre helping to support the health of your horse’s gut. The result? Calmer horses, increased weight gain and optimised overall health and wellbeing. May help with colic and ulcers in addition to other ailments.

The Moulin Blend may help with:
• Reducing anxiety leading to calmer horses
• Increasing appetite and weight gain
• Improved joint mobility
• Improved immune function
• Healing Colic and ulcers
• Shiny coats
• Overall health and wellbeing

(Cannabidiol (CBD) and THC levels are below the level of detection using GCMS
technology and considered as not detected (ND).)

Directions and daily dosage
Week 1:
For best results, each day mix 3 scoops of The Moulin Blend with horse feed.

Subsequent weeks:

Reduce to 2 scoops of The Moulin Blend per day and mix with horse feed. If
your horse has behavioural issues, remain on 3 scoops per day until their
behaviour returns to normal, then reduce to 2 scoops per day.

For horses under one-year-old:

Use half of the recommended dose.


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