Kingsley Custom Riding Boot
Kingsley Custom Riding Boot
Kingsley Custom Riding Boot
Kingsley Custom Riding Boot
Kingsley Custom Riding Boot
Kingsley Custom Riding Boot
Kingsley Custom Riding Boot
Kingsley Custom Riding Boot

Kingsley Custom Riding Boot

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With the Kingsley 3D configurator, your design options are virtually infinite. With over 300 leathers to choose from, your creations are limitless. 

Choose from Finishing options such as Standard Calfskin, Shiny Leather, Polished Calfskin, Weatherproof, Suede or printed Calf Leather. 

CMF Equestrian is the exclusive seller of Kingsley Custom Riding Boots from Europe into South Australia, and one of only three Australia-wide.


  • Aspen - From A$600
  • Aspen Special - From A$660
  • Infinity - From A$660
  • Montreal - From A$775
  • Olbia - From A$830
  • London - From A$960
  • Orlando - From A$1,120
  • Capri - From A$1,200

Final Pricing is dependant on the type of customisations you select for your Boots.


  1. Pre-order your Kingsley 'Custom Boot Style'
    Select here the 'Custom Boot Style' you are wishing to purchase and complete the pre-order process. This will notify CMF Equestrian of your request for a Kingsley Custom Boot, and we will be able to assist you in the process moving forward. Your initial payment is coverage for freight costs from Europe.
  2. Design/Customise your Boots
    You will be provided with a link to complete your online customisation of your new Kingsley Boots directly via the Kingsley website's 3D Configurator. CMF Equestrian will also be more than happy to assist with the design of your Boots.
  3. Complete Boot Measurements 
    In order to complete your Customisation, you will need to be measured up for your Boots. CMF Equestrian can assist with this either via an Online Video Call, or In-House, to determine the correct sizing and measurements for your new Boots which will then be signed off by you the buyer. 
  4. Make initial pre-payment Deposit
    Based on the final price of your Custom Boots you will be required to make a 50% deposit to CMF Equestrian, and then the manufacturing process can begin.
  5. Manufacturing
    The manufacturing of custom boots by Kingsley takes up to approximately eight weeks, but possibly quicker.
  6. Keep an eye on your phone and emails
    You will be informed by phone and/or email once your custom boots have been delivered to CMF Equestrian. CMF Equestrian will also keep in touch throughout the manufacturing process and advise of any important updates.
  7. Arrival of new Custom Boots
    After a meticulous quality check, your unique pair of boots will be shipped to CMF Equestrian. Please allow for approximately 2 weeks shipping, as Kingsley are based in Europe.
  8. Final Payment & Delivery!
    Once the Boots have arrived, you will complete the final payment and then CMF Equestrian will contact you to determine pickup or delivery of your brand new Kingsley Custom Boots!


  • Full Customisation
    If a standard size won’t do because your measurements vary too much, we recommend full customisation to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Partial Customisation
    Partially customised means that only the height and width of your boots need to be adjusted to guarantee a perfect fit.
  • Sizes
    Based on 28 height and width combinations per shoe size, Kingsley has an array of 364 standard sizes available. If a standard size does not meet your requirements, you can opt for partial or full customisation.

    Click here for the size chart